Varmit is a term applied to various animal species regarded as pests or nuisances especially to those associated with carrying diseases. Since the term is defined in relation to human activities, the species included vary from area to area and even person to person. Bobcats, coyotes, and rabbits are just some amongst the many species defined as varmints in south central Texas.

  • Bobcats, short-tailed wild cats, are the most common in North America. They are known to mostly hunt rabbits and hares but may also feed on adult deer during winter months or lambs, poultry and hogs when a ranch is nearby.
  • Coyotes, members of the canine family, once roamed the open prairies and deserts but they have quickly adapted the changing landscape and can now be found in forest and mountain areas. They can survive on almost anything and will feed on a variety of food such as rabbits, rodents, frogs, insect, fruit, and even deer! Because they sometimes kill livestock and pets most ranchers consider them to be destructive animals.
  • Rabbits: Only three species of rabbits and one species of Hare are native to Texas the swamp rabbit, desert cottontail, eastern cottontail, and jackrabbit. Despite the destruction of habitats due to human activities, due to their fast reproduction, none of the species of rabbits or hare are in danger of extinction in Texas. In fact their population is so abundant they are considered varmints in most areas.


The Dwairy Ranch is a father and son working cattle ranch originally established in 1993 by Gus Dwairy. In 2014, Gus and his son, Ronny, purchased two more neighboring ranches, expanding the Ranch to 4000 acres.   It is located halfway between Freer and Laredo, Texas. Nestled in the seat of the Muy Grande, this area consists of a few hills and flat land covered mostly with South Texas brush including cactus, mesquite, grass lands and weissach. The Dwairy Ranch has expanded from a cow-calf operation to include a deer breeder and management program.   Priding itself in providing a full service experience, the Dwairy Ranch can accommodate up to 30 people.