There are 10 species of catfish found in Texas with three recognized game fish the Flathead, Channel and the Blue Catfish (the largest freshwater gamefish). The different species may range in sizes starting at 4 inches weighing 1-2 pounds to a huge Texas-record-breaking 54 inches and whopping 121 pounds! They are a group of bony fish who are recognized for their prominent barbells which give the image of “cat-like” whiskers. Their diets can vary from bottom feeders who eat mostly plankton and other decaying material to larger catfish who will feed on small fish and sometimes other catfish to survive.


Bass is a common term to define the many species of game fish which include freshwater and marine fish. Largemouth bass also known as Black Bass, Green Trout, Bigmouth Bass or Lineside Bass are the most common firewater fish in Texas. They can grow from 4 to 6 inches during the first year and can eventually get as big as 16 inches after their third year! Young largemouth bass may interact in schools but once they reach maturity, adults tend to live a solitary life. Located in the west area of the Rio Grande, Dwairy Ranch is home to many Bass and a great destination for fishing.


The Dwairy Ranch is a father and son working cattle ranch originally established in 1993 by Gus Dwairy. In 2014, Gus and his son, Ronny, purchased two more neighboring ranches, expanding the Ranch to 4000 acres.   It is located halfway between Freer and Laredo, Texas. Nestled in the seat of the Muy Grande, this area consists of a few hills and flat land covered mostly with South Texas brush including cactus, mesquite, grass lands and weissach. The Dwairy Ranch has expanded from a cow-calf operation to include a deer breeder and management program.   Priding itself in providing a full service experience, the Dwairy Ranch can accommodate up to 30 people.