Blackbucks are a species of antelope native to India but introduced to the United States including various ranches in Texas! The appearance vary greatly from males to females. Adult males have a dark brown almost black coat with white underneath while the top coat of females varies from a light brown to tan color. They feed mostly on open prairie grass, leaves, and shrubs and are considered one of the fastest animals in the world!


Axis Deer

The Chital Deer, most commonly known as Axis Deer, are native to India but were introduced to Texas in 1932. They have striking reddish brown coats with white spots along their sides, a black dorsal stripe and a small white area or “bib” under their chin. Adult males can grow from 29 to 39 inches and can weight anywhere between 145 to 250 pounds. They are herbivores and feed primarily on grasslands. Because they produce lean meat with 0.2% fat or less, their meat is legally considered fat free!


The Dwairy Ranch is a father and son working cattle ranch originally established in 1993 by Gus Dwairy. In 2014, Gus and his son, Ronny, purchased two more neighboring ranches, expanding the Ranch to 4000 acres.   It is located halfway between Freer and Laredo, Texas. Nestled in the seat of the Muy Grande, this area consists of a few hills and flat land covered mostly with South Texas brush including cactus, mesquite, grass lands and weissach. The Dwairy Ranch has expanded from a cow-calf operation to include a deer breeder and management program.   Priding itself in providing a full service experience, the Dwairy Ranch can accommodate up to 30 people.