Doves or Pigeons are used interchangeably to define over 300 different species of birds. They are extremely adaptable and can be found in nearly every continent in the world! In the United States and especially in Texas doves hold a slightly different meaning to those who wear camo and own a shotgun, because come September the dove shoot marks the beginning of hunting season. With over 4,000 acres of land and pond area doves can be found flying over the beautiful Dwairy Ranch.


The Dwairy Ranch is a father and son working cattle ranch originally established in 1993 by Gus Dwairy. In 2014, Gus and his son, Ronny, purchased two more neighboring ranches, expanding the Ranch to 4000 acres.   It is located halfway between Freer and Laredo, Texas. Nestled in the seat of the Muy Grande, this area consists of a few hills and flat land covered mostly with South Texas brush including cactus, mesquite, grass lands and weissach. The Dwairy Ranch has expanded from a cow-calf operation to include a deer breeder and management program.   Priding itself in providing a full service experience, the Dwairy Ranch can accommodate up to 30 people.